Boy meets Girl Next Door

4th October – 4th November

We are delighted to announce a dramatic and contrasting exhibition from Stonehaven artist, Colin Brown & Aboyne artist, Stephanie Vandem in Gallery Two this month.

Dundee born Colin Brown is inspired by ‘all types of contemporary culture’, with a strong influence from Germany & Berlin in particular.  Uneven surfaces and dashes of unmixed paint with posters torn from the streets of Berlin give his work a sense of urban decay.

“if you tear something off a wall, often what it leaves behind is interesting as well,” says Colin “it’s layers, human histories…. the posters are often thick on the wall…evolution and change – that’s what the work is to me.”


Brazilian born Stephanie Vandem was educated in Paris, London, New York and Florence and has paintings in several international private collections.  The images in Stephanie’s ‘Lifting’ series allude to the individuals’ level of endurance, showmanship & shared cultural identity which works as a support mechanism for achievement.

“I prefer to look at one individual at a time, positioning my figures against plain backgrounds that emphasize body design and the canvas edges.”