Exhibitions & Events


1 September – 30 September – Ed Hunter – mini solo exhibition

Ed Hunter is a Scottish painter specialising in landscapes, seascapes and mountains in oil.  Ed studied drawing and painting in evening classes at Glasgow School of Art tutored by Charlie Boyle. He turned professional in 1993 and has since exhibited in the Royal Scottish Academy, the Royal Glasgow Institute, Paisley Art Institute and galleries in U.K., U.S.A., Germany, France and Russia. Ed received The Calder Award from Paisley Art Institute 2016

In Ed’s own words: “My sources are mostly hills and coast. I’m out on the hills every week and there is a natural drama there with changing cloud and weather patterns and a wee element of risk.
You soak up (sometimes literally) the atmosphere, and the challenge when you stand looking at the canvas,is to intensify the reality of the experience. I know it is essential to look to new experiences to keep the work fresh, avoid repetition and keep myself charged. At the end of the day it all comes down to communication and you really want to express yourself in the best way you can.”

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25 August – 25 September 2017 – Catriona MacEachen and Mike Samson

(for further details of Catriona MacEachen’s paintings please click here, for further details about Mike Samson’s painting please click here)

Catriona MacEachen lives in Fife and works as a freelance artist specialising in Scottish land and seascapes. She has a strong affinity with the North West of Scotland, Skye and the Isles and believes there to be nowhere more beautiful or inspirational. Catriona heads Northward at every opportunity and these trips greatly influence her work.

Catriona’s work is influenced primarily by her love of nature. The intense colours, perpetually changing light, perfect forms and dramatic land and seascapes of the natural world of her homeland are a constant source of fascination and inspiration. She uses a variety of media depending on the mood or atmosphere she wishes to convey. She often chooses to work in acrylic to fully capture the vivid hues of a dramatic East Coast sunrise or Hebridean sunset.Catriona exhibits widely in galleries throughout Scotland.

She has many pieces in private collections both in the UK and abroad.

Mike Samson is known for his Contemporary Scottish landscape paintings and drawings exploring expressive landscapes and seascapes throughout Scotland. Michael lives and works in the North East of Scotland; his paintings record the passing of time and season.

“Our pace of life dictates that we observe our world through a veil, failing to pause and enjoy the depth and colour of our experiences. In producing these drawings and paintings it was my intention to experience each location as deeply as possible; in all moods and conditions, at different times of day and season. I find that completing the work on location expresses the passing moments with rawness; there are few artistic ‘tricks’, just an honest response to what I see and feel.”

He now teaches, demonstrates and exhibits throughout Scotland.


Kanita Sim: 3 August – 29th September 2017

We are delighted to exhibit new work by Kanita Sim.


Born in Thailand, Kanita grew up surrounded by the vibrant colours of the gorgeous Thai silks, which were produced in her parent’s Thai silk factory in Bangkok.  This early influence of colour and fabric has had a hugely important effect on Kanita’s work.

Kanita studied textile design at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. Her love of colour and her knowledge of fabric design can be seen in the pleasing compositions and subtle, often imaginative colourings of her paintings, to which she has now turned full time.

(more  pictures to follow shortly)


Castles and Coast Exhibition: 14th July – 20th August 2017

We would like to invite you to our Castles and Coast exhibition which has just opened featuring a vibrant range of art works that celebrate the variety of seascapes and castles in Scotland.  The exhibition will run until 20th August.

Our exhibiting artists are: Catherine Armstrong-Taylor, Black Isle Bronze, Kate Cunningham, Dee Dee Dewar, James Fraser, Chris Sharp, Kanita Sim, Caroline Simmel, Fiona Thompson, Alison Young, Sandie Youngson and Jim Wright.



Jenny Musker – June Solo Exhibition

Jenny Musker is a wildlife artist who trained in scientific and natural history illustration. She grew up in Liverpool and now lives and works in Aberdeen. Her solo exhibition features exquisite watercolours based on her observation of wildlife –  “It is a privileged moment when you see an animal in its natural habitat and I love to reproduce it for others to enjoy. These brief exciting encounters are what wildlife painting is all about”



Mixed Summer Exhibition: 12th May 2017 – 9th July 2017

Be inspired by the stunning collection of work from artists across Aberdeenshire and beyond.

Summer show 2017 Hazel McAllister PizzazzSummer Show 2017 Dee Dee DewarSummer show 2017 Catherine Walker03

Majestic Animals: 24th March – 7th May 2017

A collection of work by various artists including Chris Sharp, Jenny Musker, Gordon Corrins and many more.

Blue IvyPuffins_SallyAnnJohnsrosoneill

Studio Sale: 3rd February – 19th March 2017

A collection of work by various artists at a reduced price.

Sandie Youngson Rolling Surf

Karen Hadjitofi Mini Solo Exhibition: 3rd February – 28th February 2017

Karen Hadjitofi Wheat field