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This year, we are inviting back John Threlfall and Bruce Swanson who both had a very successful NEOS with us in 2020.  Joining them for 2021’s show is Bob Black.  Read more about each artist and see an example of their work below:

John Threlfall

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John is a wildlife, landscape and portrait artist working mainly in pastels.

He has been spending some time painting in Mid Deeside and out on the Aberdeenshire Coast, inspired by the exciting variety of wildlife to be found and the qualities of light that illuminates. He will be showing his sketches, field paintings and the resultant gallery pieces so you will get a wonderful insight into the process that he goes through to realise a complete picture.

Bruce Swanson

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Bruce is a jeweller who explores his work through imagery, prints, painting and drawing.

His jewellery based exploration continues with a show of work in precious metal, stone and wood based on re-imagining Europe’s prehistory. With accompanying images, prints, painted work and drawings on paper this is another opportunity to gain insight into how Bruce creates his final works.

Bob Black

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Bob is a painter who this year has been creating mainly floral still life and landscapes in acrylics and oils, focussing on use of colour to denote light. He uses any subject matter as an excuse to arrange colours and shapes on a surface to create an emotional response.