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LIGHT THE NORTH – the lighthouse trail

We are delighted to be a “Little Lighthouse Location”  in the Light the North – the lighthouse trail.

We are home to lighthouses from:

Hill of Banchory School, Westhill Primary School, Tough Primary School, Helen Ruth, Clan Deeside & Gabi Reith.

You can also find more information on the Light the North app or please check the website for the latest location updates at

Best wishes,

The Milton Team



The Big Cat Show

Gordon Corrins, a wildlife artist originally from Lanarkshire, shares his love of all things feline with his new show featuring a range of brand new, the majority never seen before, originals. From delightfully posed moggies
and exotic and unusual breed to the wildcats of Europe and Africa. And of course the exquisite big cats from around the globe. Two years in the making this show will bring to life some of the lesser know cats from around the world and showcase larger species with intricate detail and drama. Some describe Gordon’s work as photographic but he sees it as a representation of the animal, it’s characteristics and it’s personality. “My aim is to encourage the viewer to interact with the work and get up and close with these cats”.

Gordon has always had a passionate interest in wildlife conservation around the world and wanted to get involved in raising awareness of not only endangered species but also animal cruelty and mistreatment. Through his art he supports many animal charities, donating thousands of pounds through donations of originals and prints of his work.
As a wildlife artist he has taken part in many joint shows throughout the country and enjoyed success with his solo show in Edinburgh. Using his unique style which became his ‘eureka’ moment, a combination of the right
paint, a mixture of fluid acrylics and ink, the right surface which is a Kaolin clay covered board (from Ampersand Art) and experimental techniques with the airbrush and various erasers and blades, since then he has developed these techniques further to produce the kinds of textures and ‘life’ he had been looking for.



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Please be aware that masks are to be worn in the gallery at all times unless there is a certified exemption, we ask for your patience as we can only allow a certain number of people into the gallery at any one time.  Hand sanitiser will be available and a one way system is in place in the gallery so you can enjoy your visit  safely.

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