Colour Encounters

4 March - 11 April 2023
Ursula Mathers a freelance artist and educator living in Aberdeen  recently comleting her MA at Gray's School of Art  has an exhibition of recent work. Originally from San Francisco and initally graduated in liberal arts  form Bennington College  with a focus on Painting and Illustration. These works expolore the experience of colour and form.


Ursula's process begins by considering colour and researching its elemental qualities, 

'I began by realising colour has difficulty living alone and that their ae numerous elements that affect it; light/darkness but also hue, complementary colours, saturation of colour, juxtaposition, extent ion of colour and depth. I am interested in the search for a harmonious interval between these visual notes, and also exploring ways of experiencing colour without recognisable form so that the involvement is visceral instead of intellectual.

By minimizing representational form, the expressive qualities of paint and colour dimensions, differences, textures and the materiality that comes out of the painting itself.