George MacKenzie

My inspiration comes from my immediate surroundings, memories of places I have visited, the work of many artists and my love of colour and pattern.

As an art student in the 1970s I had considered specialising in print making, but discovered clay and immediately fell in love with the medium. I gained a Diploma in Art (Ceramics) in 1975. A post diploma scholarship year followed, culminating in a travel scholarship award. I gained a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1980.

My ceramic pieces have evolved over the years, becoming increasingly sculptural and expressive, although I continue to use the word “vessels” when describing my work. I also continue to combine form and image which reflects my early interest in printmaking.

My most recent work is inspired by the varied landscape of north east Scotland and the impact of the changing seasons on the landscape. My ceramic pieces usually start life as drawings which sometimes develop into paintings. As I begin to work in clay these initial ideas sometimes get left behind as the ceramic forms take on a life of their own.