Gordon Corrins

An artist for many years working in a variety of mediums producing everything from portraits, architect, custom paintings murals since 2007 he has been concentrating solely on animals and wildlife. His work reached the final of the David shepherd wildlife artist of the year competition in the mall galleries in London. This was the change where he has continued to paint using fluid acrylics and oinks on clay board surfaces. He has developed techniques using airbrush with various erasers blades and other special tools only to known to him.

Gordon is passionate about wildlife and now paints also to raise awareness of endangered spies and animal cruelty Many of his paintings are sold to aid animal charities.

 Gordon originally trained as a graphic designer, however since 2007, he has mainly been focused on painting, concentrating solely on animals and wildlife. His goal being to create work that will make a difference and project the plight of endangered species into the public domain.

With every project, his “driving force” is to create texture through the fur, hair and skin of an animal. His experimentation with materials led him to a eureka moment, when he entered the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. The work reached the final and was displayed at The Mall Galleries in London. With the combination of acrylics, inks, and Claybord, combined with airbrush techniques, various erasers and blades, he was able to achieve the kinds of textures and “life” he had been striving for.

His passion for wildlife conservation and a desire to raise awareness of endangered species, and animal cruelty has led him to donate to charities through the sale of his work. He is a keen supporter of the Scottish Wildcat Haven.